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Big Hopes, Big Dreams, Big Wishlists, and even bigger Events!

Four months into the year and things are looking awesome! We have a few Fundraisers on the go such as:

3rd Annual Kick-Start event

This is an Enduro MotorCross style bike event that the boys fundraise for and do a phenomal job. In 2009 they raise enough funds to give a school solar powered lighting. In 2010, they raised funds to have a Funpump installed to provide the village with fresh clean dinking water - and in 2011 - the hopes and dreams of sending 3 of our orphan and vulnerable children onto greater oppurtunies in life by setting up Educational Trust Funds for them.

The event is happening on the 14th May 2011 - if you wish to sponsor a rider and help us reach our target - please get in touch!

Next biggie on the list - A Cosy Community

We have started the winter warmer collection and have already recieved many fleece tops, gloves and beanies (woolie hat). So if you are heading this way any time soon, pop a few gloves, scarfs, fleeces, woolie hats, socks and jumpers into your bags and help us to keep our community cosy this winter!

Virgin Unite Staff Connection Trip 2011

Next on the list (told you we hade a many pokies online on the go) - The annual Virgin Unite Staff Connection Trip. Every year 10 lucky Virgin employees from across the world and the Virgin Group get selected to join us for a week of hands on project work! We have an awesome time with plenty of hard graft, laughter, sunburn, sore achy muscles - but best of all is having the oppurtunity to get stuck into a great cause -to help the team reach their target - log on here

2nd Quarter Wishlist

If you are heading over to Ulusaba or even you wish to post us something - here is a list of very useful items we are currently looking for

0-3 year old nursery kids books, toys and games

Building blocks

Big Lego

Role - Play Toys

Sandpit Toys

Wooden "Shape" puzzles

Educational Computer games ages 6 and up

On that note - Pride "n Purpose would like to welcome our newest Volunteer - Melinda. She has her time taken up by giving some very important teacher training, career guidance workshops with our High School kids and designing our new Wall murals.

So folks - as you can see Pride "n Purpose is being kept on our toes - and we love it! Please feel free to contact us - - if you wish to chat!

Until next time! March/April Newsletter

Lindsay, David and Melinda

The PnP people!