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Behind the scenes at Ulusaba

Virgin Limited Edition, Ulusaba

You're invited to take an all-access journey behind the scenes at a photography shoot at Ulusaba. The short video below gives you just a hint as to what goes into creating our beautiful imagery, and although we're lucky that our hotels are gorgeous to begin with, there's still a lot of tweaking, re-arranging, lighting and hard work that happens before the images can be used on our website, in our brochures and everywhere else.

Our Group Marketing Manager Robert took a team of photographers to get some updated images of our South African lodge, snapping rooms, public areas, wildlife and even plates of food. Any guests who've visited us before know how magical the property is, but they'll also know that our team works incredibly hard to bring the magic alive.

It takes a great team, a whole lot of patience and talent to capture the perfect picture. Luckily we had Jonathan and Tomfrom Visual Eye that come with bucket loads of experience as well as an eye for the 'money shot'!

Take a peek at the process: from creating the set up to showcasing our images online. Hopefully it will convince you to try out the Ulusaba guest experience for yourself. Visit our website for more details.

Virgin Limited Edition, Ulusaba Virgin Limited Edition, Ulusaba

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