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Baby boom in the Sabi Sand

"Baby boom", of the Sabi Sands is all that I can say. If it's not in the staff village it's all happening in the bush. At the moment all the predators are having cubs, it's an incredible time for game viewing. The females of the Ximungwe lion pride have all started dropping, between three of them the cub count is up to seven and counting. Two of the leopard females have had cubs. Hlabinkonzi (Makwela's last born before she died) has had two cubs and Makubella has had two cubs. So if cubs are your thing now is the time to come and another thing with cubs it means more mouths to feed so the predator prey interaction's are definitely on the increase, and with a lot of the prey it is time to start making babies for the summer months so the males are a bit distracted at the moment so it gives the predators a good advantage.

Anybody that has ever been to Ulusaba knows that the game viewing here is phenomenal. I would like to tell you a bit of what you have to look forward to if you come... It is not only the game viewing that makes this place so special. Winter, Aaagh some people may say, winter to us means nearly perfect weather everyday, perfect blue skies, night skies that are so crisp and clear that you think that you could reach up and grab a star out of the heavens, so this makes our observatory a great experience. Rain is a thing of the past so the bush opens so game viewing and photographic opportunities are much better. There are almost no bugs so you have a healthy appetite by the time you get home as you have not swallowed any bugs whilst on game drive.

Highlights of the month's sightings:

  • Trevor saw incredible interaction between our resident male cheetah and a herd of zebra
  • Sam saw two hippo's having a full blown territorial dispute
  • Mapogo male lions with two buffalo kill in the same place
  • Hlabinkonzi with her two cubs on an impala kill
  • Makubella with her two cubs and Shinzele male leopard on an impala kill with great hyaena interaction
  • A new male leopard hanging around Ulusaba Rock Lodge
  • Cubs cubs and more cubs

Possible future sightings:
Our possibly invincible Mapogo male lions need to be on the look out for a coalition of five young male lions that have entered the Sabi Sands from the Kruger National Park, they have arrived in the northern part of the Sabi Sands and are on the look out for an area they can call home. Wandering lions can move large distances to find new territories so they could arrive any day...

Looking forward to showing you this incredible place I call home...

SamJohn and the Ranger team