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Arbor Month Winding Down

As September comes to an end - so does our Arbor month celebrations! So I thought I would just let you all know where we are sitting in terms of fruit trees planted and sponsored for Dumphries Village!

A WHOPPING 304 trees sponsored and planted as of 25th September 2009

Trees, Trees and More Trees

We managed to plant 143 just yesterday!!! Unreal - thank goodness it was a cloudy cool day! We even continued through the light rain!

Pride 'n Purpose and Ulusaba (which consists of myself, Lindsay, Raymond from the maintenance department and one volunetter, Anthony) did however have lots of help (thank goodness) eager to see all the trees planted! We started off with a group of about 15 Community members and by the last house we had picked up a number of villagers who were also keen to get stuck in and join in on the fun!

We partnered with and were trained by our friends from Food and Trees for Africa - Daniel and Emmanuel - and yet again they parted leaving us an incredible amount of information regarding our newly planted trees and how we are to look after them to get the maximum amount of fruit off the trees in the years to come. Such inspirational men who we would to thank from the bottom of our hearts for their motivation and spirit! Log onto to get more information regarding thisawesome greening program.

Our Fruit Salad of trees (which by the way were oranges, lemons, mangos and banana's) planted in the village of Dumphries would also not have been possible without all the help and support from the guests of Ulusaba - so a huge thank you goes out to all of you - our village will be well stocked with fruit in the very near future and for many more years and hopefully generations to come!

I will let the pictures and the videos do more of the talking now! So keep well, enjoy and chat soon!

Yours in Greening the World - Lindsay!

P.S - we still have 5 more days of September - if you wish to help us reach our target of 400 trees - please log onto <span style="color: #800080;">;/span&gt; to donate online or pop me an email for more information!

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