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All things great and small

Our Rangers and Trackers come across many things in the bush and some of the smaller bugs and insects are just as interesting as spotting the Big 5! Check out some of our favourites from Ranger Calvin.

Darkling Beetle Darkling Beetle
Amethyst Fruit Chafer Amethyst Fruit Chafer
Flying Ant "Queen termites"

Flying Ant (Qeen termites)

Glittering Jewel Beetle Glittering Jewel Beetle
Hairy Field Spider Glittering Jewel Beetle
Juvenile Flower Mantis Juvenile Flower Mantis
Juvenile True Leaf Katydid Juvenile True Leaf Katydid
Long Horn Beetle Long Horn Beetle
Red-Veined Dropwing Dragonfly Red-Veined Dropwing Dragonfly
Star of David Star of David

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