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A New Volunteer for Pride 'n Purpose

Hi All,

Well, another chapter for Pride 'n Purpose this September - we have a new volunteer!

Anthony arrived (a day late - flight connection times was just too tight) rearing to go and full of excitement.

I have put out a list of very 'doable' projects for Anthony and he is happy to give all of them a shot! He will be helping us fix and repair 2 sets of jungle gyms, repair the tyre swings and oil the wood. Then its onto adding the reamaining gutters and rain water collection systems onto some houses in Dumphries village before the rainy season arrives, planting trees with guests in September and a few other bits and bobs. Anthony has already met our great friend Sipho from Dumphries who has been put in 'charge' of making sure Anthony is ok with everything in the village and work!

With the kids of Deyani school and the first JoJo tank he will be sorting out.

He will also be doing some office work in terms of setting up working documents for people like me who have no clue about building and think a nail is just a nail - who knew there was a differnce between a wood nail, a screw nail, a concrete nail....anyway! Working documents on all the repairs and rainwater systems for future use down to the codes we need for us to be able to order them from our supplier.

Anthony is also writing his own blog - which you can follow on

Along the way - I will as usual keep you updated on what is happening out here - but until then - keep well and stay in touch!


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