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A little update on our Kids

Hi there all,

Pride 'n Purpose holds very close to heart all of the chilren we support - this is just a little update on what has been happening lately!

Well we have had our first set of winter warmer goodies donated to the beautiful children of Jeremiah Creche.

Ally Helping Vusi Out with his new Thomas the Tank Engine Beanie

A very big Thank you to Ken and Ally from Leopard Hills Lodge for their generous donation of the winter warmers. Your continuous support for the kids is much appreciated!

If you want to know more about the Winter Warmer Campaign - please contact me and I can let you know how you too can help keep our community warm this winter!

The Khoza children are also doing well - Trudi is still loving her Nursing course in Pretoria which was generously funded by Carl and Melissa. She is busy now with her practical in an actual hospital and loving it! She will soon have to make up her mind if she wishes to continue with the course and take it further - or stop now and go off into the big wide world of working! As usual little Lungelo is doing well at school - his computer was giving him trouble the other day - so we had it sorted out and he was back on top of the world when we returned it!

The Silaule Kids are also all just fine - keeping us on our toes as normal! Prince is going from strength to strength and will be going to school shortly! This is a huge break through for this little champion!

All the other angels there are also all still full of life and always bring a smile to peoples faces!

We have also started up a fundraiser in memory of our dear colleague and friend Mandla, who sadly passed away in May. We thought an educational trust fund for his 2 children would be the most beneficial and the most appreciated as Education was on of Mandla's favourite cause - take a look at

The Mkhari Kids are also all doing well. Prenda asked for some money the day for an educational trip to Johannesburg that the school was organising and just at that time some funds came through from Robin who loves supporting these kids - great timing I tell you! So off Prenda goes to Johannesburg - but I must admit I have not been out to see her since the trip at the end of May - but I hope to do so shortly to get the low down on what she liked/disliked about the big bustling city!

OK folks - that's all for this week - next week an update of our small business enterprises! As always - keep well and for more info - you are more than welcome to email me on or leave a comment!

Kind Regards - Lindsay