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The Lodge

Walking in a winter wonderland.....

Hello one and all,

Its been some time since we last spoke, staff holidays and the resort closing down for the past few months having given us a fresh start before winter madness starts. So, I am sure the big questions so far, are the lifts open, and is it snowing????

View from Attelas over village

The brilliant answer to both of those questions..... Yes!! Thats right, the lifts did open on the 7th of November. The conditions were great, and we all managed to get some skiing in before December, and the lifts ran every weekend in November. We were able to get the lifts from Medran to Ruinettes and then the Funispace up to Attleas, where Lac des Vaux was open. We managed to ski down to Ruinettes a few times, and then, just as planned, opening the curtains on Monday morning, to discover over a foot of snow had fallen over night!! Oh, and it hasn't stopped since then....... The resort suddenly transformed from a half-way there ski resort into the middle of winter that we know and love, and the snow is set to continue! with Wednesday due to be clearing up, but then back in for more snow on Thursday, and staying for the weekend!! How exciting.

So, moving into our third winter season, whats new, and more importantly whos new? Well, Hannah, Paul, Will and I are all back (of course!) with Gerwin and Fabio in the kitchen, Sara and Maria in housekeeping, Kat in the Spa and we even managed to convince Adam to come back and do another season, driving, snowclearing, ice rink maintenance and general go-to man of The Lodge. Joining us on the front of house side, we have Naomi and Camilla, joining Gerwin in the Kitchen is Tom, and the stage from Lausanne, Christopher. On the instructor side of things we have Rachel, Alex and Maria back again for the season, with more brand new jackets, in green this year, I will try and get a team photo up as soon as we are all in town, and in uniform!! The rest of the team arrive in resort on Thursday, and Kat is back from her (extended) holidays this evening.

I would post some pics of the snow, but it is so heavy, it would just look like a white sheet, so I am going to wait until it has settled a bit and get some snaps, until then hold tight, and i will get snap happy for you. If this all sounds too good to be true, we do have a couple of full week exclusive use still available mid-season, and a few rooms from the 16th of December for 4 nights, and also, hot off the press, a week of Hotel style from the10th of Jan for a week, selling room by room. Get in early, as they are sure to sell like hot cakes!! In April, we have opened up the last 2 weeks of April as Hotel style party weeks, so get in touch with your favourite person in reservations for prices and bookings, or go to the tempting offers page: for more information and prices!! Hope to see you soon for a ski.

Until then, stay safe, and heres to an amazing season!!

See you soon,