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The Lodge

Update from The Lodge

We have been pretty blessed this season with constant snow and fantastic skiing conditions, and although you still get that very excited feeling when the snow starts to fall again, we are never unhappy to see the sun too. This last couple of weeks have been fabulous sunshine, with a few little flurries of snow here and there to keep us happy.

And when the sun does come out and it starts to warm up a bit, you can't not start thinking forward to the summer that is still to come.

We will be going into the Lodge's 6th Summer season and the thought of all that mountain biking, hiking, running and sunbathing is certainly something to start looking forward to!

For now, we are making the most of all this white stuff and enjoying the last few weeks of another great season.

To end this update from the mountains, we thought you would like to see how Pebbles is progressing, 6 months since she joinged the Lodge team.

Well, for starters, she has grown - a lot - and is still very playful. She is so friendly and loves being around all our guests - so long as you give her some attention, she will be your friend for life! Her favourite game is to run off in to the forest behind the Lodge and wait to be found - a game, we hope, she will grow out of soon, but also a game that reassures us she is completely happy in the mountains!

And just to show how much Pebbles has grown, here is a little Then and Now shot of her.

Enjoy, and until next time, take care.