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Tour de France and more summer fun

Hi all,

Seems to be ages since I last wrote to you all, time has flown by, and already it is the middle of August!! That means two things, firstly, Hannah and Paul's wedding is now being counted down in weeks and secondly, the ski season kicks off in 85 days! I have done very well this summer, and have only watched 1 ski movie (mainly because I lost my favourite one) and that was last week. So, what else have we be getting up to this summer? Plenty of guests have been through in the past few weeks, and they are still coming, we close for summer at the end of September, so we have a good few weeks for you to come out and enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh mountain air.

So, the Tour came to us, and as I was writing last time, I said that there were due to be 50,000 people up in resort, apparently that was a conservative guess, as it was more like 100,000! I have never seen so many people milling about town, and the atmosphere was electric the entire weekend. The stage was, as expected, one of the highlights and Contador took the yellow jersey that day, and managed to retain it until the end, after putting in a huge breakaway from the bottom of the hill, smoking everyone else in his pack of riders. Putting over 40 seconds between him and the second rider to finish, and over a minute and a half on Lance Armstrong. It was an amazing thing to watch, and you have to admire these guys, after 199 k's to ride up from Le Chable in 22 minutes. It's amazing.

Alberto Contador

After the excitement of the Tour, town has quietened down a fair bit, and we have been getting back into the swing of things, and looking forward to winter again (I certainly am) while still seeing out the summer and enjoying the heat. So, what have we all been up to? Well, Gerwin is busy training for the Lausanne marathon, Hannah and all the girls in town are doing the Lausanne Triathlon, Kat won a bike in a raffle last week, I am slowly counting the days down until winter starts and getting some amazing biking and climbing in, Paul is working on his golf handicap, Fabio is off for a knee op, Will is better from his knee op, and Sara and Maria are keeping us all in line and keeping The Lodge looking stunning.

We are still open for another few weeks, and the weather is due to continue for a while, we have a massive high pressure sitting over us at the moment, and for the past 4 days, there has been not a cloud in the sky, so we are all topping up our tans, and sweltering in the heat. So, come pay us a visit before the winter comes and we can show you the best the Alps have to offer whether its biking, golfing, flying, walking, or just good old relaxing,

Unitl next time,

Stay Safe,


Gareth Chandler,
Activities Manager, The Lodge

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