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Hip hip hip hooray!!

That"s right, summer here has taken off with a scorcher of a month, with the unusually wet June left behind, July has us sweltering in 30 degree plus heat. With The Lodge fully up and running now, whats going on this summer, and what have we got to look forward to later in the year??

Refilling water bottles mountain style

Well, first of all, welcome back!! After an extended holiday, we are all getting back into the swing of things here, and we opened our doors for our first summer guests a couple of weeks ago. The clouds have well and truly gone, and the heat in the daytime has lead to a couple of incredible thunderstorms in the late afternoon, that clear up again by early evening. Bambam is on standby for walkies, and has been tearing round the hills with groups of guests, and leading them astray to chase the odd Marmotte or two.

Last weekend we had an amazing exclusive group in for a celebration, which was a lot of fun. Whats involved in a summer exclusive? Well, as you have The Lodge to yourselves, the choice is yours! This weekend, we had a games night, involving a "Never mind the Buzzcocks" themed "Never mind the Cuckoo clocks" music quiz, which required everyone to dress up as a "Toy" character. We also had a barbie, in the scorching sun, with our very own Jamie Oliver, or Tom the chef, dazzling us all with his hand crafted burgers and yummy marinated prawns. So, I"ll talk you through the weekend, and the highlights!

After arrival on Thursday evening, we had a big welcome barbie, with drinks on the terrace all evening, and little bit of late night karaoke.

On Friday morning, we did a massive 5 hour mountain walk, starting at the top of the bubble at Ruinettes, and walking around Col des Mines to Lac des Vaux, where a hardy few braved the ice cold water, for a swim, and then continued up to Attelas, and over into La Chaux for a picnic, where Valentine Warner (Toby from Performance) and Jamie Oliver (Tom the chef) were waiting with a feast.

The best bit about the walking in the summer is you don"t need to take gallons and gallons of water, as you can refill water bottles from the mountain waterfalls, of which we all did several times, and is the freshest, tastiest water around!

After the walk home from La Chaux there was a lot of well earned rest time, and preparing for the "glamour night". Gerwin had written a menu around lovely locally foraged herbs and produce, and a 5 course meal was enjoyed by all. The menu included Woodruff, local Strawberries and Girolle mushrooms. The mountain air had taken its toll on some of the party, as people sneaked off the bed, tired from the big hike that day.

Saturday was all about kicking back in the sun, with a few people playing pitch and putt on the small golf course, 2 brave souls going flying with the Verbier Summits tandem paragliding school, and whole lot of treatments, spa time, swimming, and gin and tonics in the hammock. As the day wore on there were frantic last minute wardrobe repairs taking place in every corner of The Lodge as the costumes were donned for the evenings events. As a parade of toys appeared for canapes and drinks, the sun set in the background. Thinking back, it was The choice might have far-reaching implications, considering that Macau casinos for example Sands Cotai Central thought it better to take away the problem SHFL technology using their the best casino flooring instead of risk including themselves within the patent lawsuit. very surreal serving drinks and canapes to a 6 foot tall "lego man", a giant "whoopee cushion" and a "my little pony" to name a few!! After several cocktails and canapes, the action carried on downstairs, where a judges table had been set up, with 4 teams of 4 ready to battle it out over the "Never mind the Cuckoo clocks" music quiz. A very well organised and slick event with a lot of time and effort put into the questions and the songs chosen! There were 5 rounds, and plenty of arguments over who had buzzed in first, was it the mini vuvuzela, the cow bell, the duck noise or the bike bell!! A quick pizza break before the final round of karaoke sing offs began. As the winners were announced, the DJ set up at the bar, and we danced and partied until the wee small hours.

Sunday always comes too quickly, as it meant leaving The Lodge, after brunch cars were packed, plane tickets printed off and farewells said. We all really enjoyed the weekend, and I hope the guests did as well, plenty of fun times, and late night hot tub action were had by all.

So, if you have a special celebration coming up, ask your favourite reservations team member for more details, and we can start planning your once in a lifetime weekend! For the rest of summer, check on our website for some incredible deals, we have a golf at altitude, a relaxing spa break, and an adventure package where you get to explore the mountain by foot, on bike, and for the brave, from above from a paraglider!! The good weather is set to continue, and this week the Verbier music festivalstarts at the newly built "Salle des Combins" music hall by the sports centre. They have also opened more downhill biking trails, and there are more to come!! So, what are you waiting for?? Give us a call today, and come and fall in love with the moutains in the summer too.

Until next time,

Stay Safe,