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The Lodge summer

Our PR executive, Claudia packed her bags and jetted off to The Lodge to host a press trip. Check out what she had to say about her experience at The Lodge over summer.

"I sit perched high on the mountain waiting for the group to return. As the valley beneath lazily stirs, the sun creeps out from behind the clouds and shines on the town below until it awakens. In the distance I can see touches of snow which still cover the peaks of faraway mountains. The Lodge is down to the left of me and if I look really hard I can see its broad wooden roof and the sparkle of the water - reflections from the Jacuzzi.

The group of four journalists who have come on this trip to experience the magic of The Lodge in the summer are all paragliding across the vale whilst I wait and marvel at the view. Once the group return they tell me that they have just experienced something that they will never forget.

Other activities on this weekend include an exhilarating (and terrifying) journey on a mountain scooter, also known as a trottinette. With screams of joy, we all snaked down the mountain on the designated trottinette trail stopping only to marvel at the breath taking view and take photos. We also walked along the idyllic Bisse, the stream that runs all the way following the dirt road, passing numerous sculptures and experiencing the heights of Verbier. Once we reached an opening we sat on picnic blankets to eat our packed lunch prepared for us by The Lodge that morning (which they give to us in matching backpacks which adds to our delight).

An activity that I recommend on site at The Lodge is a morning yoga session. From beginners to advanced, from the low warrior to the plank, the session lasted an hour with the final 10 minutes plunging us all into the depths of relaxation. A balanced start to the day.

The Lodge summer

Lounging on the terrace, we started every evening with a refreshing drink (I would recommend a cocktail of sparkling apple juice, ice, lemon and vodka) accompanied by canapés all made from fresh ingredients and herbs from The Lodge's garden.

Dinner is an experience in itself, 3 courses of home-made, melt in your mouth dishes. From roast rack of lamb with pee puree to roast chicken with a pine nut crust, each plate was greeted with nods of approval from the whole group. I have to say that my favourite dish was the pan fried scallops with cauliflower puree and braised baby gem lettuce accompanied by a glass of chilled Italian Pinot Grigio. I have to also mention the exquisite dessert we had on our last night, chocolate delice with salted caramel, spiced orange puree and mandarin sorbet. A chocoholics dream.

The Lodge summer

With our bags packed and the transfer mini-bus ready to take us to catch our train at Martigny, we were all reluctant to leave. Memories of Swiss wine tasting, dips in the jacuzzi, walks in the sunshine and the amazing team (including Pebbles the chalet dog) who looked after the group so well make it very hard to say goodbye to The Lodge. As the group leave they are adamant that they will return again to once again experience the magic of The Lodge in the summer.

Claudia's top tips:

Ask Darren Burke, the Head Chef at The Lodge for a cooking demonstration and learn exactly how he makes his delicious dishes.

If you want a great alcoholic drink then ask for Julie who apparently makes the best cocktails out of all the team at The Lodge.

After dinner drink a cup of fresh mint tea out on the terrace. The mint is freshly picked from The Lodge's garden and is the perfect summer tea.

Love dogs? Ask to take Pebbles for a walk!

After you have finished your walk along the Bisse don't take the telecabin back down to Verbier but instead hire a trottinette and ride back. It is a much more exhilarating way to get down the mountain.

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The Lodge summer