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The Lodge News: Star of the Year Finalist

As part of our series of blog post for Virgin Limited Edition Star of the Year we are proud to present The Lodge Star of the Year finalist, Ashley Crook, Deputy Manager

Ashley has been working at The Lodge for three years now, but was previously working on Necker Island. Her sister, Ali is the Star of the Year winner for 2014, (can you spot the family resembelance?) so Virgin Limited Edition is definitely in the blood!

Here are Ashley's quick fire round questions:

Favourite pastime: Sunday Fun Days in the BVI when I was a kid with my family
Best meal ever: Tough question At the forefront of my mind is a great little mountain restaurant in Fionnay I recently went to; followed closely by Ollie Brown's Duck Breast topped with Duck Jus at The Lodge!
Which animal: Dog
Signature Karaoke: I feel like Woman - Shania Twain
Favourite dunking biscuit: Dark Chocolate Digestives
Most magical moment: Watching my little brother Adam compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi
Something most people don't know about me: I have tri-nationality
Takeaway or cooking: Cooking, I love it!
Most like to meet: Rosa Parks if she was still around!
Dream holiday destination: Somewhere hot: The Seychelles. Somewhere cold: Alaska
Starter or Sweet: Starter, or cheese!
Night in or night out: 50/50 a great night out cannot be beat, a great night in with a glass of red and a movie is always a winner too!
Grand Entrance or back door: A casual entrance..with some fireworks in the background!
Sunbathe or swim: Swim
Most visited website: ...when you live in the mountains you always want to know what the weather is doing!
First purchase on winning the lottery: Private Island