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The Lodge News: GiveMeTap

Last week we were excited to take delivery of our GiveMeTap water bottles. Not only a new project for us here at The Lodge but the first time the GiveMeTap scheme has been introduced to Verbier.

Gone are the days of countless plastic Evian water bottles leaving for a days skiing with our guests only to be left up on the mountain, never to be recycled and worse still end up in landfills. Instead the introduction of the GiveMeTap stainless steel reusable water bottle to our entrance way not only keeps our guests hydrated but also helps reduce our carbon footprint here at The Lodge.

Better yet, 20% of ever bottle we purchase goes to funding water projects, helping provide a person in Africa with access to clean water. Just yesterday the GiveMeTap team started building another two water pumps in Ghana, working with Pump Aid and a Ghanaian based NGO called ProNet to help another 1235 people access clean drinking water.

We're really excited to be a part of this amazing project and have already started working with other local businesses in Verbier to help spread the GiveMeTap message. Our aim is to encourage mountain restaurants, bars and those in the town also to sign up to the GiveMeTap scheme and act as a refill station.

And word is already spreading... Elaine France from Balance Verbier has been putting her GiveMeTap bottle to good use 2733m up during the sunny spell here in Verbier!