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Sun, sun, sun oh, and more sun.......

Well, what a start to the New Year it has been so far. I cannot believe its been such a quick start to 2011! As I sit here and write this, its already the start of February! So, where has the time gone? And what have we been up to? Well, besides a whole lotta sun, and not-a-lotta snow, read on to find out more.....So, as I said the year so far has flown by, and we have had a busy few weeks here at The Lodge. The snow, although having not snowed in a few weeks, remains good, and we are very lucky in the fact that we have the majority of our skiing above 2,000 metres. This means that although the village may look like April, the slopes above Ruinettes are skiing beautifully, and if you know where to look for it, there are still fresh tracks to be found. As seen in the photo below, taken late last week when I was skiing with some of the ES Swedes popup: true:

There is apparently more snow coming in the next week or so, or so the locals say. But we'll just wait and see how that goes! Fingers crossed. In the mean time, we are enjoying the incredible sunshine and warmer weather, it has been a balmy 4 degrees today for example! That's pretty much shorts and tee shirt weather, especially for January! We also have a new favourite non-skiing activity: ice go karting! How does that work I hear you cry? Well, imagine your local go-karting track, and add a thick layer of ice to the track, and hey presto, ice-karting! We had 2 groups on track last week, and they came back absolutely beaming! There are several different formats from grand prix, super sprint and time trial. All run by Kev, who knows a thing or 2 about karting, having spent several of his junior years behind the wheel of a kart on the British junior circuit! The track has several banked corners, and they have their own snow canons and piste basher to ensure the track is kept in perfect condition, each and every time there is a race on! The boys that were on track last week set a new lap record, and everyone had a great time. Be sure to wrap up warm however, as it does get pretty chilly, especially on the fingers!

Well, as I sign off, I leave you with dreams of more snow, be sure to check in again for an update on the snow conditions, and don't forget to stay safe on the slopes,

From your favourite corner of the Swiss Alps,