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Summer time, and the living is easy.

Hello wide world of avid blog readers, we have been closed for the past 6 weeks, and in that time we have had no snow, and plenty of sun. We have had 3 exclusive hire groups through in the close down period, 2 birthday parties and a company trip saying thanks to their staff. As of Monday, we open The Lodge doors as a hotel until the end of September. This is a fun way to run the summers, as we can have 9 different rooms of guests, all of whom may want to do some of the many, many activities we have on offer here. So, what do you do in the mountains when there is no skiing? Read on to find out more.......

The list for summer activities is a pretty long one, so each week I am going to run down on what to do in Verbier once all the snow has melted and the sun has come out. Lets start with Mountain Biking, my favourite activity by a long shot!

Route de Soleil bike ride

There are several options, from the easy and gentle top road, which involves taking the lift from Medran up to Ruinettes, then cycling, (on the flat I might add) for about 40 minutes to Croix-de-Coeur, on the Savolyeres side of the mountain, then downhill free-wheeling back to The Lodge. All in all about an hour and a half round trip. The next option, to bulk that trip out is to ride round to La Chaux, and stop for a coffee and picnic, then back to Ruinettes and then past Croix-de-Coeur, to underneath Pierre Avoi, and then down The Farm Track, back to The Lodge this is about a 3 hour round trip. Trips down the mountain can be from The Lodge down to Route-de-Soleil, and back to the lift station at Le Chable. The longest cross country route is called the Tour-de-Mont-Fort, and this takes you from Savolyeres lift station, all the way through La Toumaz and back via Col-de-Gentianes to The Lodge, coming in at a whopping 7 hours! Not for the faint hearted!

The other option is downhilling. We are very lucky to have a Kona Bike Park here which is built and maintained by a dedicated team of shapers and builders, who carve tracks through the forests and pistes, down steep hills, and other times, off rocks and cliffs! They are busy building a section of the track called 'Northshore' where they build wooden ramps through the forest, and then you ride on the trails off the forest floor, can be tricky when wet! It also saves the forest floor a bit from destruction.

So, what do you need for this? Well, for a cross country ride, we would get either a hardtail, meaning front suspension only, or full suspension bike, a helmet, that only covers the top your head, and off we go. For downhill, you need a specific bike, that is very heavy, and robust, a full face helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, back protection, goggles and gloves. Its a bit like going in for 10 rounds with Mike Tyson! But awesome fun, and very dangerous! So whats it going to cost? For cross country, including lift pass for the day: roughly CHF 55. For downhill, with pads and all: roughly CHF 130 (prices vary depending on exact bikes and protection options taken).

So, if you fancy a gentle Sunday morning bike ride to blow away the cobwebs from the night before, or you want to cut loose and tear up the mountain like a madman, we can cater for pretty much either end of the scale, just let us know! If that all sounds far too hectic, we have plenty of deck chairs, a hammock, cold beers and crisp G&T's to quench your thirst with. Summer rates are from GBP 530 per room per night, and we have plenty of availability. So what are you waiting for, the sun in The Alps is calling you......

Until next time,

stay safe,

Gareth Chandler,

Activites Manager, The Lodge