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The Lodge

Summer in the Swiss Alps!

Kelly Harding our Corporate Sales Manager from the London office, recently came back from The Lodge, and took some time to write about the summer season in Verbier.

Kelly says: The start of Summer Season has finally kicked off and I was lucky enough to take clients out to enjoy the very best of what The Lodge can offer.

A leisurely hour flight from London Heathrow, we arrived to The Lodge amidst a beautiful heat from the alpine sunshine to be welcomed with afternoon tea, champagne, home made cakes, muffins and cookies (or good ole English tea for those of us who were gasping!).

In preparation for another successful season of returning families, couples and corporate clients, the property has undergone a soft refurbishments including new colour palettes in the lounge and games room as well as a few new faces!

The trip was to showcase the secrets to the success of The Lodge to key agents within the travel industry, so they can personally relay their experiences to customers back in the UK.

Our first evening began for a few lucky members of the group to experience the sun setting from a birds-eye view via tandem paragliding, whilst the rest of us relaxed and settled into our new home-away-from-home. We enjoyed the evening dining alfresco with a feast of BBQ'd meats, salads and local Swiss cheeses (accompanied by carefully selected wines of course!) I had to loosen my belt by 3 holes by the end of the night, but so worth it!

The following day was jam-packed with burning off the calories consumed from the night prior and included a fabulous Pilates Class (which took place in the Games Room), followed by paragliding for the remaining members of the group (and spa treatments for those who still had their feet firmly placed on the ground!) and finally a hearty hike into the mountains, led by General Manager Hannah and BamBam (The Lodge's pet dog) all this before lunch! We were delighted by the surprise picnic that was setup at the top of the mountain, which included the most amaaazing home baked Scotch Eggs and Quiche amongst other culinary delights and even more delighted by the opportunity to skip the hike back and instead arrived back to The Lodge via the 24-hour driver service. After a well-earned shower/snooze or chill-out in the outdoor hot tub, we were entertained with an educating Wine and Cheese-tasting session (the Swiss are very secretive about their wines and don't like to share, hence why you are probably not familiar with how delightful they are!). After another fine gastronomic dining experience we finished with some partying in the games room before tiredness (of the body!) got the better of us.

The sunshine remained shining throughout the trip and two nights was just not enough time to enjoy the best of Verbier, there are so many activities I would have loved to take part in including the downhill mountain biking (although some of the tracks we saw were simply scary!), rock climbing in the Bagnes Valley and learning how to recreate some of the delights from within the kitchens of The Lodge (especially the breads and scotch eggs!). I am already looking for a reason to return! (I'm great at making beds you know)."