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We are sad to see it go, but the Summer has unfortunately come to an end. And as our final guests of the season left today, we got a glimpse of what is to come with a short flurry of snow. Yes SNOW!! . Quite a shock, after the Mediterranean-style weather we have experienced in the last few weeks! Could this be Goodbye t-shirt, Hello thermal vest??! Well, either way we're excited! The crispy chill in the air on the walk to work this morning had us donning our fleeces and chatting about the upcoming Winter season. But before we get carried away with how much snow there's going to be this year, a quick summary of the past few months...

And what fantastic months they have been. We've had a number of guests coming through the door staying "hotel style" from anywhere between 1 and 20 nights! There's been new friends made, activities discovered, birthdays celebrated and even a proposal! (She said yes!).

The beauty of the summer at The Lodge is how unpredictable each day can be. There are so many activities to get involved in, you never quite know what to expect. From a gentle stroll along the Bisse with Bam Bam to a more strenuous overnight hike, taking in the stunning mountain views of Verbier from Marlenaz to paragliding over it, and from scootering down the mountain from Ruinettes to ice karting with Kev from Karting Extreme. That really doesn't cover it all but, if you've seen the previous blogs you will know just how much variety there has been this Summer.

Sadly, as we reach the end of another season we say goodbye to a few faces who are moving on to pursue new ventures. Kat, our Front of House manager and former spa therapist isn't going too far, you'll find her friendly welcome at the Kasbah Tamadot. Fabio (sous chef), Patricia (3rd chef) and I are also off to start new adventures around the globe. Good Luck to everyone!

These departures means the arrival of some new faces for Winter. And we have a fun and enthusiastic team lined up, ready for the madness and mayhem of the coming months!

And with that a new blogger takes on the challenge of keeping you all informed on the events at The Lodge. Hayley will make sure you catch the latest news and gossip from Verbier, as the talk turns towards snow forecasts, apres ski and that ongoing argument of skiing vs. snowboarding!

For now I would like to say what a pleasure it has been working at The Lodge for this past year and may the next season be just as fantastic as the last! I'll definitely be back to visit!