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Spring in the Alps........

Hi All,

Well, spring has well and truly sprung, the Alps have had some incredible sunshine over the past few weeks, and as a result, the snow has all but disappeared from the village. There is some good skiing up the mountain, as all our skiing is done up high, over 2,200 metres, and although it is good spring snow, the mornings are the pick of the day for a few runs, and then one of many many other activities to fill your afternoons up, whether its walking amongst the spring flowers, sipping G&T's in the hot tub, or racing round the ice-rink on a go kart, read on for more ideas of how to fill spring skiing trips to your favourite sunny part of the Swiss Alps........

Mont Fort in the sun and snow

Well, the skiing is still good, as soon as you get up high, and we are blessed to have Mont Fort, standing at 3,330 metres, which continues to receive snow when it is raining in the village, and stays good for skiing all winter, due to its height. At this late stage in the season, have a few hours skiing in the morning, then sit out on the terrace at one of the many beautiful mountain restaurants we have here, and then head back to The Lodge for the sun drenched terrace, we may even dig out the barbie if you are lucky! Then the afternoon is yours, whether its having a treatment at the hands of our resident Beauty Therapist, Kat, sitting back with the perfect G&T in the hot tub mixed by Hayley or Rach, or getting out on the mountain again for a walk in the valley, we are always here to help you plan the perfect spring afternoon.

And what of the activities on offer? Well, some of them are starting to sound like summer activities, but the spring flowers are all starting to bloom (thanks to Caroline from Cocos for the pic) lower down on the mountain, and its time to start revisiting some of our favourite summer spots, whether its a picnic at St Christophe, and stroll along the Route-de-Soleil or a wonder through town browsing the shops and stopping for a (quiet) beer along the way. Or, Ice Karting.

Last time I wrote about Karting we had a group of guests and Will and Rich managed to join in the fun on the outdoor track. With all the warm weather they have moved the track onto the ice-rink at the sports centre, and this week, I was taken karting by the boys at Performance Verbier popup: true for a race against their team of instructors and other chalets, including Neil and Tom from CK Verbier...... Kev at the Karting Extreme Verbier popup: true track had prepared a couple of different formats, starting with a mini 3 lap race in a clockwise direction, then 3 laps in an anticlockwise direction (it combats the dizziness!) and then a skills test. Needless to say it was a lot of fun!! Not naming names but we did triumph, I had the help of the finest Performance boys, including Guy, who doesn't even have a driving license to boost us along! The video below from Toby show a bit of what goes on: although the tyres have studs, its still pretty easy to spin out. (Its not me cheating and throwing the tyre away.......)

With the clocks springing forward last week, it means long lazy evenings outside, enjoying the sunset, and gives us a few more hours to get in a cheeky after work bike ride, either the now infamous hill attack, from Le Chable to Verbier, or a gentle valley ride, like we did last week, its time to start thinking summer, and all things warm!!

Until next time,
Ski/bike/kart safely,
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