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The Lodge

Snow, sun and late nights......

So, the winter season has been kicking off properly since we last spoke. January passed in a blur, and a snow storm, and February looks to be going the same way!!

There has been one word recently that has been used to describe the conditions, almost to excess, but quite justified. Epic. The snowfall has been the best we have seen for 15 or so years the locals in the village are saying, and then the sun pops its head out for a few days before the next big storm settles in. That seems to have been the trend so far, and long may it continue we say! Our guests (and staff of course) have been putting in fresh turns in (up to) thigh deep powder for the past few months now, and it looks like it is going to continue for the season at this rate.

The obligatory 'Apres ski' scene has been going down a storm, particularly by one group of guests (you know who you are.....) who we dragged round every bar, nightclub and burger joint in town for a whole week of non-stop partying and shots!! The start to it all was a curling competition on the first night where-by the losing team had to down shots of Jaegermeister, before playing the next game, needless to say the dinner that followed was full of shots between courses before hitting the clubs until the wee small hours of the morning! Amazingly most of them were up skiing by 9am (well, 9.30/10 more like)

The staff are having a great start to the season, with our new-look ski instructors turning heads in their great new uniforms, being the talk of the town, and the envy of the other instructors in town. Hannah and Paul are getting more and more excited about their up and coming wedding, the boys in the kitchen, lead by Gerwin, are cooking up a treat every night, Fabio is experimenting with everything he can find, and we were amazed the other day when they turned up to the office with lemon-flavoured-home-made-marshmallows! Thanks boys. Will finds out on Tuesday the results of his knee-op, and if it is good, the heli-skiing is being booked for April! I am enjoying the deep, deep snow, and looking forward to breaking out the bikes for May, when the snow melts.......

So, the forecast is predicting the next storm to arrive tonight, and stay with us for a good few days, hopefully dropping another metre or so of the good stuff........ I will be sure to keep you posted.

That's all for now, stay tuned to see just how much falls in the next week or so,

Ski safely,

Gareth Chandler

Activities Manager, The Lodge