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The Lodge

Say Hello to Summer

We're back, shorts and all! That's right, the Summer season is in full swing here in Verbier and what a first couple of weeks it's been! The weather hasn't let us down, with highs of thirty odd degrees and the Lodge team back, swapping their hats and gloves for sunglasses and shorts, evening out those goggle marks only to develop bikers tan lines just as quickly!

That's right, it's been hottttt and there are endless activities for the perfect summer getaway here at The Lodge! We've welcomed our first summer guests through the door and they've wasted no time checking out everything Verbier has to offer during the summer months. From paragliding to trotinetting, long walks and picnic lunches or just relaxing on the hammock in the garden with a glass of Pimms, there is so much to see and do amongst some seriously stunning backdrops.

Just a few updates from the team to keep you in the loop. Ross our Winter GA packed up his skis ahead of his first term at University where we wish him the very best of luck and joining the team is Ben, who some of you may have met from time to time during the Winter when an extra pair of hands was needed for all that snow... during the summer you'll find him mowing the lawn instead! Don't worry we will be continuing with our meet the team posts so you get to find out a little bit more about the rest of the crew.

We'd also like to congratulate Deputy Manager Ashley Crook who was The Lodge's nomination for the Virgin Star of the Year Award... cheers to that!

There are so many things to look forward to over the next couple of months, from the Verbier Music festival arriving in town in a couple of days to the International Horse Jumping Show in August. we can't wait for guests to arrive at the front door and share in the summer fever!