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The Lodge news: 10 Reasons to visit Verbier

So, another summer season has ended. The shops are shutting, the lifts have stopped running and the Lodge is taking a rest before another busy winter season.

I have now spent 3 years out here in Verbier and I am often asked which season I prefer - Summer or Winter? It is just too difficult so I have listed the 10 reasons why Verbier should be on your bucket list to travel to...

  1. January

After Christmas, when all the children have gone back to school, this can be the best month for quiet slopes and fantastic snow. Snuggle up under a fur throw with a glass of Vin Chaud and enjoy some spectacularly clear blue skies.

  1. February

Arguably some of the best skiing conditions in the winter. It is usually the chilliest month of the winter but we have the most snowfall in February too. The only downside is that most of February coincides with a school half term at some point...

  1. March

Usually with pretty good skiing conditions and soft snow, March has the benefit of warmer days too. Plus, add to that the clocks going forward, and all of a sudden, you have more hours of daylight to ski in! The Extreme Ski competition takes place in March too - well worth a watch if you are here!

  1. April

We usually get lovely weather in April, so spring skiing is a very pleasant activity. It also means that enjoying a beer after all that hard work can be done whilst basking in a bit of warm early afternoon sunshine!

Or if it is just getting a bit too soft under-ski, why not borrow a pair of the Lodge Snow-Shoes and take Pebbles for a walk? A great way to exercise and see the mountain from a different perspective.

  1. June

The Lodge reopens in June after a month's break and although the open shops are limited in Verbier, the mountain is completely deserted! The wildflowers all start to come through in June as well and there is the most beautiful array of colours available in just a 7-minute lift to the top..!

  1. July

The weather warms up and Verbier gets busier. The Jazz festival in Montreux is well worth a visit - even if it is just to wander along the Lake and browse in all the pop-up sheds selling food, drink and souvenirs. The Verbier Festival also starts in late July and is a must for anyone who enjoys their Classical and Jazz music too!

  1. August

The hottest weather is usually in August, so expect to be up early for a walk before it gets too hot up the mountain and stop off for a cold beer along one of the routes! Then return to the Lodge and lie in the hammock all afternoon, or take a dip in the hot tub with a Pimms and Lemonade or a nice cold glass of Champagne...

  1. September

We still get good weather in September but it can also turn chillier too. The town starts to settle down before the lull before Winter, so it is nice and quiet on the mountain again and some of the shops start to close up again.

The local Bagnards like to celebrate the end of the summer by hosting a couple of events. First, the Bike Festival in Verbier is a must see for anyone who loves their motorbikes! There is usually an extravagant show and bands playing too in the evenings. Then, later in the month the annual Cheese Festival takes place in Le Chable, celebrating all the best things about the local Raclette! All the dairy farmers in the area congregate and eat and drink their body weight in Raclette and Fondant (local wine) over one weekend! Everyone else is invited too!

  1. December

Who wouldn't want to enjoy Christmas and New Year at The Lodge? The skiing is amazing and there is nothing more magical than waking up on Christmas morning to another metre of fresh snowfall, a fire burning and all the presents under the tree... enough said.

  1. And finally, the views!

It doesn't matter whether it is winter or summer, you can guarantee you will be blown away by the spectacular scenery the Alps has to offer. Unlike some other ski resorts, Verbier is set up above the valley and it means the landscape opens up for miles around. Summer offers vast areas of meadows and greenery; winter is a covering of white wherever you look. Whichever season you choose, I am assured you will love Verbier and everything it has to offer.

So what are you waiting for?

Look forward to seeing you all soon!