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The Lodge

More snow, half-term madness and spring is in the air

Hello all,

Well, its been quite a while since I last spoke to you all. Whats been going on in the winter wonderland I hear you cry, well, quite a bit actually!! We have had a similar amount of snow again, and as I spoke of last time, the sun, snow, sun, snow trend has not failed to deliver even more snow than we thought possible. I know things have warmed up finally in the UK, but here we are fighting through feet and feet of snow. Still. It's been great!!

The guests have of course been having a ball, with the last few groups after we last spoke trying to keep us up even later than before, round upon round of shots, and still they partied on, and managed to get up for first lifts. OK, some of them were still in bed at 11am, but hey, it was their first lift of the day. The incredible snow means skiing conditions are perfect, with people being able to ski areas that were previously un-opened or inaccessible due to poor coverage. The Mont Gele lift has run for more days this season than I have ever seen, Tortin is epic, and some of my secret spots are just too good for words right now. All our guests are progressing well in their skiing, mainly developing their powder skiing of course. Alex, Rach and Maria have had some great days up on the hill with the guests, enjoying as much time as possible in the sun and fresh snow.

The staff are also going well, Will got the all clear for his knee, so has been putting in his first turns of the season, Kat even made an appearance up the hill yesterday, and Paul has rediscovered his love of skiing. The sun has made several frequent appearances, and Saturday was one of the best days so far, we even saw some mountain bikes coming down the pistes, maybe the sun has gone to their heads, it's a good sign though!

Summer is poking its head around the corner, and spring is definitely in the air. Soon we will be on the golf course, the tennis court or the rock face again. However, in the mean time we have even more snow forecast!! The weather bods are predicting another 40 cms to fall between Tuesday and Thursday this week. Guess who has Thursday off!!

On that note, I am going to sign off, and leave you with some of my favourite images of the last few weeks, mainly of snow!!

Until next time,

Ski Safely,

Gareth Chandler

Activities Manager, The Lodge