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The Lodge

Meet The Lodge Team... Kelly Mulhall

My job title is Head of Guest Services. I am the line manager for all of our lovely general assistants who are responsible for all the guest service aspects at The Lodge.

The best thing about working at The Lodge is having a like-minded team to work with. Everyone is here with a love for the mountains as well as a passion for the industry we work in.

My favourite room in The Lodge is obviously one of the master suites! They both have incredible views of Verbier and further down into the valley. They also have huge freestanding baths that you can fully stretch out in. Well I could anyway because i'm quite short.

On my iPod right now is I Say A Little Prayer- Aretha Franklin. It's my favourite song and always makes me feel happy. That's probably why I also have it as my alarm clock to make getting up easier in the mornings!

My fave run in Verbier is the one from the top of the Funispace all the way down to Ruinnettes. On a quiet day with wide open pistes I love to bomb it all the way down in one go.

As a treat on payday, I love to have a slap up meal and drink wine and cocktails that I probably can't afford.

Something most people don't know about me is that I've lived in 7 countries. I grew up mostly in England but I've spent 5 years living in America, 2 years in Germany, a year in France, Austria and now Switzerland. I've also spent 3 years living and working on a boat cruising all over the Caribbean and Southern and Eastern Mediterranean.

If I could visit one of the other VLE properties it would be Mahali Mzuri or Ulusaba. I've never been on safari and would absolutely love to see the big 5.

If I were dining at The Lodge table, I would invite my immediate family, Johnny Depp for some eye candy, Russel Brand (although he would have to have a mute button), David Attenborough, because who doesn't love him?! Charles Dickens because he's my favourite author, Pavarotti for some after dinner entertainment, David Moyes, when he was Everton coach as it would keep my dad and brothers happy. Then Winston Churchill, I reckon he would have some great stories, my great, great, great, great grandparents on my mothers side as they were from India and I have no idea about them, Bob Marley, Sasha Baron Cohen and Fletcher Christian from The Bounty - I'd ask him how the mutiny went.