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The Lodge

Meet The Lodge Team... Darren Burke

My job is Head Chef

The best thing about working at The Lodge is working in one of the most beautiful places in the world, skiing in the winter and cycling in the summer.

My favorite room in The Lodge is well the view from the master suites are pretty hard to beat but for me it would have to be the kitchen (predictably).

On my iPod right now is Bonnie Prince Billy, Elliott Smith, Wilco, The Beatles, Devendra Banhart.

My fave run in Verbier is hmmm, too hard a question I think, it really changes from day to day for me.

As a treat on pay day, I love to go the the Fur A Cheval for Steak Tartar and a few white beers.

Something most people don't know about me is I was raised by wolves until I was 5 years old, at which point I was picked up by a travelling circus. There I mastered the art of the trapeze and occasionally stepped in for the human cannonball. At the age of 13 I decided it was time to leave the circus and travelled to the Mediterranean making a living drawing caricatures of the tourists.

If I could visit one of the other VLE properties it would be Necker Island, I would love to visit all of them eventually but I think Necker would be the first port of call for me.

If I was dining at The Lodge table, I would invite Gary Coleman, Trevor McDonald, Carlton Banks, Macaulay Culkin, Grace James, LL Cool J and Uncle Phil.