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The Lodge

Meet The Lodge Team: Candice Pennington

My job is Spa Therapist

The best thing about working at The Lodge is working with fun, passionate people!

My favorite room in The Lodge is the kitchen for the banter and giggles. Master suites for the majestic views. The garden to run around with pebbles, and of course the spa for some peace and warmth!

On my iPod right now reggae, dance, folk,

My fave run in Verbier is any that pass through the trees. Feels like I'm in Narnia.

As a treat on pay day, I love to drink Tequila and cocktails it's the only time of the month I can afford to.

Something most people don't know about me is that I'm a Yoga teacher! And love to go hang out with Yogis and Buddhists at least once a year on retreat.

If I could visit one of the other VLE properties it would be Mont Rochelle. I love Cape Town and I'm very excited about the new property.

If I was dining at The Lodge table, I would invite family, friends and a bottle of Tequila.