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The Lodge

Meet The Instructors... Becky Sharples

I have been skiing since my first season in Val d'Isere, 2006/7.

A bit about me... Never the brightest tool in the box, and certainly not very technical I've ended up in two very technical 'jobs', I say 'jobs' in inverted commas as I don't see them as jobs but as my favorite hobbies that I'm lucky enough to get paid for! Skiing and photography. Having studied a foundation degree in Professional Photography at college, whatever that's supposed to mean and having never done a gap 'yar' my mum said to me one day 'you like the outdoors, you like sports, why don't you do a ski season?' so that's what I did and 8 years later, I'm still doing it!

The best thing about The Lodge is the beauty! Beautiful team, beautiful guests, beautiful surroundings and décor (love the colours and hues).

On my iPod right now is all sorts, I uploaded a load of old cds for my parents so they could have some music for a road trip, which means that if I put it on shuffle I get Diplo, Haim and The Presets followed by The Bublé, Russell Watson and to top it off, Su Bo.

My fave run in Verbier is Backside Lezzers, nuf said.

During the summer months I travel, and take photos whilst doing so. Last year we went to Nepal, trekked for 4 weeks, climbed my first 5000 meters and volunteered at Association Annapurna, a children's home in Pokhara which The Lodge and ES have raised a lot of money for. I also work for my family bakery Dorringtons, where I do all the photography for the website as well as posters and advertising, I just have to cram 12 months work into 6 months, which means that I decorate the living room like it's Christmas with mince pies and Christmas cake in August...

Something most people don't know about me is errrr, not much, I pretty much tell most people everything, even my clients, even if they don't want to hear it.

If I was dining at The Lodge table, I would invite everyone! Everyone at The Lodge, all my previous clients, all my friends in Verbs and my friends and family from Angleterre (just had to google how to spell that, was going to spell it Anglaterre, the shame, sorry Swiss).