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Part 1: Jest for Charity!

Our big charity week commenced last week with our 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt last Wednesday. The teams were gathered again at the Medran cafe at 9.30am, most opting to take the opportunity of Fancy Dress. They all registered and were issued with their Flaik devices. These clever GPS tracking devices follow you around the mountain and keep a record of your time, distance covered, and speed and European Snowsport is the only Ski school in Verbier to use such a thing. This year, with the new course set up to complete, our 13 teams headed off for a day of challenges and, well, quite frankly, a lot of drinking!

We followed the little dots on the screen through the morning, tracking which teams were where and then headed up to Les Ruinettes to wait for the teams to gather.

At the half way point, we had conveniently set up a little lunchtime beer drinking challenge for them before they could take their enforced 45 minute break... a challenge that proved to leave some lasting images in my mind for sure!

After lunch, they were off again, following the remaining course, through the check points over the mountain and finishing in Tbar at Place Centrale. An enormous Thank You to Simon for, again, letting us use his bar for yet more drinking games on the terrace and for the delicious chili con carne that was served afterwards!

This year, the day's antics managed to raise around 1100CHF going towards our three chosen charities, Annapurna Charitable Trust Organisation the Non Violence Foundation and the Big Change Charitable Trust.

Read on for Part 2 of the week's's a little taster of what is to come...!