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The Lodge

The Lodge: Introducing our chefs

Alongside the breath-taking views of the Swiss Alps and perfect conditions for either skiing in winter or hiking in summer, one of the most talked about aspects of a stay at The Lodge is the food. It cannot be underestimated how delicious the food at The Lodge actually is, and so this month we shine a light on the excellent team of chefs that work in our kitchen.

The team at The Lodge standing on the terrace

In total, there are four members of staff in the kitchen. Leading the team is Head Chef Hugh Millard. Hugh has been at The Lodge for almost five years. Originally from Scotland, Hugh took over as Head Chef at the beginning of last winter and has really proved himself in his new role. Not only does he produce fantastic food, Hugh is a great teacher and role model to his colleagues in the kitchen. Hugh is constantly trying to improve every aspect of the kitchen, from the food the team produces to maintaining great control of budgets and standards. As testament to his skills, Hugh was nominated as The Lodge's Star of the Year.

Head Chef, Hugh Millard

Adam is our Sous Chef and started with The Lodge at the end of last winter. Adam is from Norfolk, England, and started his culinary training at Delia Smith's close to where he grew up. He then went on to work at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in Oxford.

The 3rd Chef in the kitchen is Harriet. Growing up in the historic town of Bath, England, she has been working at The Lodge for almost two years. Her previous experience was working as a private chef in Zermatt.

Finally, we have our 4th Chef, Linda. Linda is from Sweden and has worked in several restaurants in her native country as well as some of the best restaurants around Verbier. She joined the team at The Lodge at the start of the summer season.

So, amongst these four culinary geniuses, what does a day at The Lodge look like for our chefs? The day starts around 7am when the first chef arrives. Whoever is doing the early morning shift is responsible for getting breakfast prepped which typically is served between 8 and 9am. Did you know the orange juice we serve is freshly squeezed on-site every day?

Breakfast in bed, accompanied by our cuddle toy dog!

After breakfast has been served, the team begin the set-up for the rest of the day. The first thing to do is to bake the bread. Our bread is made fresh every day ready for the dinner service and a different type of bread is produced every day depending on the dishes that are going to be served that evening.

A fresh loaf of bread

The next chef arrives around midday and helps prepare lunch for all the staff and guests. All the staff will typically take a break to eat lunch together at 12pm. The chef that arrived at 7am then takes a break until 6pm when they help get the dinner ready. This means there is plenty of time to go up the mountain for skiing or snowboarding in winter or head out for a hike or a mountain bike ride in the summer.

The outside dining area set for lunch

During the afternoon, the chef or chefs who are in will complete the evening prep, ready to serve canapes at 7:30pm. Dinner is normally served around 8pm. Dinner consists of a three-course meal (plus cheese board for those that have room) made from seasonal, locally sourced food. Making The Lodge as sustainable as possible is one of the main motivations for the team, and their efforts have paid off with The Lodge scoring 91% in the recent Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA results).

A chocolate dessert and ice cream

After dinner, the team begin a full scrub of the kitchen and enjoys a well-deserved beer together before heading home around 10:30-11:00pm.

As you can see our chefs work extremely hard throughout the day and it is purely down to their skill and teamwork that the cuisine at The Lodge so spectacular. Well done all of them for keeping us fed and watered so well.