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Having their cake...and eating it too!

School's out and so are the kids, ready and raring for any activity The Lodge and Verbier has to throw at them! We've seen a number of families pass through in the last few weeks and the children are certainly keeping us on our toes!

Cake decorating has been a favourite with the kids this month. Our third chef Patricia has been baking up some scrumptious muffins for them to put their artistic talents to. Various flavours of butter cream icing, chocolate sprinkles, Smarties and sugar stars have been adorning the kitchen, and our enthusiastic younger guests have impressed us all with their decorating skills. Who knows, maybe there are some potential chefs among them?!

With all this devouring of deliciously iced muffins (staff included, it's a perk of the job) some activity has been needed to counteract the overindulging. And with the beauty of Verbier's mountains just a stones throw away this isn't too much of a hardship! So, following a reasonably sized breakfast to get the energy levels up, with picnic in hand, our guests have spent the later part of their morning on walks along the Bisse, racing rubber ducks in the stream alongside; from The Lodge to Marlenaz and back again and even some venturing across towards the glacier of Petit Combin to take in the views from the opposite side of the Valais.

The Ruinettes to La Chaux walk has proved popular, as this part of the mountain is currently displaying some works of art which make up a 3D Sculpture Park. It's certainly worth a look - the sculptures range from the fascinating to the plain bizarre, but there's no denying they are an impressive sight.

When walking isn't enough of an adventure there is always mountain biking to get the adrenalin rushing! Guests have been experiencing up and downhill biking - with a few cuts and bruises to prove it! Road biking seems the safer option but it is far from gentle exercise. We were in awe of a group of 4 who managed to cycle from La Chable to Verbier, and all before breakfast was finished! A great effort guys, nearly beating Gareth's record of 37 mins!!

Even if biking isn't your thing, there are other ways to venture from top to bottom (cable car not included!). How about scootering your way down?? Trotinettes are mountain scooters, a fun alternative to biking and a lot less scary!!! For a start you're closer to the ground...think of them as summer's version of sledging! A perfect way for the family to explore the slopes. And then of course there is our favourite - paragliding. What better way of seeing the sights of Verbier and beyond then gliding over it?! And it has proved a personal achievement for some guests, it's not every day you get to take off into the air without an engine and the cabin crew's safety talk!

Another event has been in town for the past week, the Concours Hippique. This is a showjumping event, featuring some of Switzerland and Europe's greatest riders. For equestrian enthusiasts it's been ideal entertainment and even for those who don't know their saddle from their stirrup, soaking up the sun and atmosphere is a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

With the weather on it's best behaviour, we have been fortunate enough to provide some outdoor dining in the evenings. It's been staying warm and light until 9pm and even when a slight chill sets in, this hasn't discouraged our guests as they've cosied up with blankets and glasses of delicious local red wine. And it looks like we're set for another scorcher of a weekend!

Long may it stay (until the end of September at least!)

For now, I'm off to serve breakfast to some hungry guests and find out about their adventures for the day. I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as we are.


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