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The Lodge: Guest Blog

We recently welcomed the founder of the fantastic travel blog From the Upside, Veronica Morrison, to The Lodge. After an action packed couple of days paragliding, hiking and indulging in The Lodge's fantastic cuisine, she has very kindly written a lovely guest blog for us highlighting why Verbier is a great summer destination. No need to just take our word for it!

Veronica standing on her room balcony at The Lodge

Why Summer is the Best Time of Year to Visit Verbier

Summer in a ski town? Yes! Summer. I know what all of you ski-bums and bunnies are thinking. Just hear me out on this one.

Verbier, Switzerland is a hidden gem in the summer and fall seasons. Perhaps it's the fantastic weather or the amazingly un-snow-blinded views that make it so incredible in the off-season. Or perhaps (and this is my vote) it's the long list of warm weather activities.

Hiking and paragliding in the scenic Swiss Alps. Mountain biking and downhill scooters. Rock climbing and canyoning. Golfing and yoga. And there's never a bad time of year to relax at the spa.

I'm not much of a skier myself so exploring the Swiss Alps in the summer sounded idyllic to me. Still a bit skeptical of a summer trip to the mountains of Verbier?

The Lodge, as seen from the entrance

Why Verbier is Best in the Summer

WAY Fewer Crowds

In fact, no crowds. You'll brush shoulders with the friendly locals and the occasional group of mountain bikers. Outside of that, it's just you and the other few travelers who know the secrets of a summer stay in this ski town.

Veronica out on walk in the Swiss Alps


Because Verbier is known as a 'ski town' the high season is obviously in the winter months when there is an abundance of snow which makes the summer low season. 'Low' as in lower room rates! Not to mention, one of the few times during the year you can snag a single room at The Lodge vs. booking the whole chalet.

Amazing Weather

Blue skies, sunshine, and mid-60s to low 70s. Summer weather in Verbier is pretty darn near perfection especially when you're looking to escape a heatwave back home.

A water flask from The Lodge being held up in front of a mountain

Summer Activities

You'll be hard pressed to do any non-snow sports in the winter months. But during the summer, the weather in Verbier is ideal for a long list of outdoor activities (see above) and the best part is that you don't have to freeze your tail off!

My personal favorite? Having the team at The Lodge pack you their version of a picnic lunch. Gourmet goodies tucked into a fully stocked backpack complete with everything you need for a hike in the mountains. If it weren't for the dangerously cozy beds at The Lodge, I might well have spent the night in the mountains with the 'kit' they provided!

Veronica and her paragliding instructor flying high above Verbier

Paragliding in the Swiss Alps

Okay, technically yes, you can paraglide in the winter too. However, without the frigid temperatures and blinding snow, you are free to enjoy the scenery, take photos without freezing your fingers and enjoy the flight without the brain freeze.

Paragliding in the Swiss Alps has been on my bucket list for years. I finally made the leap and it was amazing. If you missed the epic adventure live on my Snapchat account (fromtheupside) you can watch the video here.

I almost hate to let this little secret summer spot out of the bag but it's too good not to share. I didn't get the chance to go rock climbing or canyoning. Any excuse to go back! And I certainly will.

Veronica is the Founder of a Top 10 Travel Blog, From the Upside an intrepid traveler and lover of the great outdoors. You can follow her adventures online at All photographs copyright Veronica Morrison.