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World Oceans Day 2022

Launched in 1992 by the United Nations, World Oceans Day raises awareness about the crucial role the ocean plays in all our lives and how we can actively protect all its living and non-living resources. Taking place yearly on 8th June, the theme in 2022 is ‘Revitalisation – Collective Action for the Oceans'.

Surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, we sat down with our team from Necker Island and Unite BVI to shed light on what they are doing to safeguard the region’s greatest resource and how their efforts are positively impacting local marine life in this stunning island archipelago they are fortunate enough to call home.

Encouraging coral reef growth

Over the years, marine habitats in the British Virgin Islands have been dramatically affected by overfishing, rising ocean temperatures and extreme weather events such as hurricanes. As a result of this, marine populations are in decline and coral reefs are increasingly under threat.

Working closely with Necker Island’s charity arm, not-for-profit foundation Unite BVI, as well as a group of dedicated volunteers from across the world; a historical World War II ship was sunk in 2017, not too far from the island to act as an artificial reef.

Since then, divers have been able to witness the transformation into a beautiful natural reef, providing food and shelter for hundreds of the ocean’s species, while stimulating natural coral restoration and growth.

Find out more about the project here.

Protecting crucial eco-systems

Equally important is the protection and rehabilitation of critical habitats such as mangroves. Mangroves play a vital role in the wellbeing of oceans and coastal communities.

They are nurseries for fish, amphibians, and reptiles; a home for many birds, act as natural storm barriers and are highly effective carbon sinks, locking away large quantities of carbon and thereby stopping it from entering the atmosphere.

Through partnering with Unite BVI, guests on Necker Island can now actively get involved in rehabilitating these tropical forests and help plant seedlings in the mangrove nurseries here in the BVI’s.

Reduce, recycle and re-use

We are all too aware that plastic is extremely damaging to the ocean and its marine species. On Necker Island, we have implemented a series of impactful measures to support recycling such as eliminating disposable toiletries in guests’ bathrooms, using cotton laundry bags, bulk buying and introducing reusable containers.

Using a water filter machine and reusable bottles has also allowed us to eliminate the use of single use plastic bottles on the island.

Our team’s uniforms meanwhile are proudly made entirely from reclaimed ocean waste and recycled plastic bottles.

Simple steps, big difference

Sometimes, simple steps can also make a huge difference to the protection of marine life. Our guests on Necker Island are provided with reef-friendly sunscreen, free from active chemical components found in many regular sunscreens and which are known to be harmful to the reefs.

Eat responsibly

Always keen supporters of the local economy, our chefs work closely with local fishermen and food producers where possible to ensure seasonal products are sourced in the British Virgin Islands and our neighbouring islands, reducing the need to import from further afield and significantly reducing food miles while not compromising on quality and taste.

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