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Necker Island

Necker Island: Wild times

From the moment you step foot on the island you’ll spot a stunning array of wildlife, from the flamingos and scarlet ibis flying overhead to the giant tortoises wandering around.

It’s been a busy year for the wildlife team who have been working hard on several projects. First is the flamingo breeding programme which has already been a huge success, earlier this year there were 54 new chicks and 28 parents sitting on eggs waiting for them to hatch so we’re excited to see the next generation of Necker Island neighbours.

The island now has over 70 Scarlet and White ibis, up 190% since they were reintroduced back in 2010, which is a fantastic conservation story.

Don’t miss out!
One of the most spectacular sights to see is the flock of ibis take flight over the island…sometimes with their friends the flamingos in tow too.

Richard Branson developed a passion for trying to help preserve an endangered species of Madagascan lemur, and it’s great to see the recent arrival of 9 baby lemurs who joined the Necker family, including a set of twins! Guests are always welcome to help the animal caretakers feed the lemurs during feeding times.

Other animals you might come across on Necker Island include giant tortoises, Anegada rock and stout iguanas, macaws, parrots, cockatoo, geckos and many more!

Did you know..
The iguanas can grow up to over 6ft long, so it’s unlikely you’ll miss them!

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