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Necker Island

Necker Island: The British Virgin Islands one year on

This September marks one year since Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria tore through the Caribbean causing damage and devastation to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and other countries in the region.

Looking back over the year a lot has happened, from the incredible relief efforts in the immediate aftermath to the long-term reconstruction of the BVI which is well underway.

Through times of heartbreak and hardship there have been some inspirational stories and heart-warming moments from the people of the BVI rallying together. It is through the incredible strength and resilience of the local communities along with support from international supporters that has helped get the region back on its feet.

So far the BVI Community Support Appeal has raised an impressive $2.6million USD, which goes towards supporting the work of charitable projects and initiatives across the BVI. The emphasis now is to assist the long-term reconstruction by supporting to government’s vison of building a “stronger, smarter, greener and better BVI”.

Virgin and Unite BVI are now focused on three main areas: community (education), entrepreneurship and the environment. This includes the rebuilding of schools and using technology to support teachers and students; encouraging entrepreneurship through training programmes and a micro loans programme; and working to identify sustainable and climate resilient projects.

With the positive messages that the Caribbean is open for business, we look forward to seeing the region continue to work towards a better future.

Donate to the BVI Community Support Appeal
(Virgin Unite’s overheads are covered by Richard Branson and the Virgin Group, meaning that 100% of all donations received will go directly to helping support local BVI communities).

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