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Necker Island News: Star of the Year 2014 Virgin Limited Edition Winner

At Virgin Limited Edition we love to celebrate the hard work our staff put into making your experience at our properties special and unique for each and every individual.

Every year staff nominate their peers to be put forward to win the presitgious Star of the Year Award.

In a series of blog posts we will be getting to know each of the finalists by asking gruelling up close and personal quick fire round questions. But first it is time to announce the winner of 2014 Star of the Year (drum roll please...!)

Ali Crook, Event and Planning Coordinator on Necker Island!

Find out more about Ali with our quick fire round questions:

Favourite pastime: Drinking champs!
Best meal ever: Caviar every time!
Which animal: Dog
Signature Karaoke: Call me maybe
Favourite dunking biscuit: Ginger Snaps
Most magical moment: Watching my brother Adam compete at the Winter Olympics in Sochi
Something most people don't know about me: I am obsessed with the Titanic
Takeaway or cooking: Cooking
Most like to meet: Karl Lagerfeld
Dream holiday destination: The Maldives
Starter or Sweet: Starter
Night in or night out: A night in after a night out
Grand Entrance or back door: Back Door
Sunbathe or swim: Sunbathe followed by a swim
Most visited website: Google, it saves my life every day!
First purchase on winning the lottery: A trip on the new Titanic ship

Congratulations Ali for all your hard work and dedication at Necker Island!

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