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Necker Island

Necker Island launches Mangrove Conservation Tour on World Mangrove Day 2023

Photo:Tom Pinfold

Necker Island may be one of the most famous and luxurious private islands in the world, but it also has a deeply rooted commitment to conservation, sustainability and community development to ensure the British Virgin Islands continues to thrive for years to come.

This year, to mark World Mangrove Day on 26 July, Necker Island is launching a new Mangrove Conservation Tour in partnership with Unite BVI, the not-for-profit foundation of the Virgin Group, supported by Virgin Limited Edition and Virgin Unite, to raise awareness of the importance of this crucial ecosystem in the British Virgin Islands.

Mangroves play a vital role in the wellbeing of the oceans and local communities and act as natural storm barriers, capture atmospheric carbon and provide a sheltered home for a wide variety of fish, amphibians, reptiles and many birds. The destruction of mangroves from human activity and the damage from Hurricane Irma in 2017, when 90% of the territory’s mangrove population was devastated, has caused significant vulnerability to this rich and biodiverse coastal ecosystem. Since then, Unite BVI, has been working closely with local organisations to raise money for its regeneration.

The new and immersive tour will offer guests of Necker Island the chance to make a tangible positive difference by lending a hand in the mangrove conservation efforts as well as the opportunity to participate in regenerative activity, through planting critically important mangroves.

GroundSea Adventures will be operating the tour taking guests through indigenous mangroves either on a stand-up paddle or kayak. They will learn from an expert guide on how the propagules are cultivated and about the work that goes into their rehabilitation and preservation before getting hands-on with planting mangrove propagules at the HLSCC National Mangrove Nursery on the neighbouring island of Tortola.

The tour will be available for adults ($165) and children aged 12 to six ($135) and includes boat and taxi transfers, a donation to the HLSCC National Mangrove Nursery and out-planting. There is no cost for children aged six and under, however, they are required to share a double kayak with an adult. All profits of this new Necker Island guest experience will go to GroundSea Adventures and Unite BVI, to support projects and mangrove out-planting.

Necker Island can be booked exclusively, or individual rooms can be booked during its popular Celebration Weeks.

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