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Necker Island

It's a hard life...

Welcome back to Island life!
Let me introduce you to some of the personalities on Necker who will be streaming live updates for you from the island. It's a hard life being the General Managers of Sir Richard Branson's private island paradise... but somebody has to do it! I'm Gordon Overing - my wife Nathalie Gingras and I have been General Managers of Necker Island since 2005. We're responsible for the daily management of the Island, up to 60 wonderful staff and the happiness of Necker's guests. We both grew up in Canada and have been working in the Caribbean for over 20 years. Our two beautiful children Alex and Anthony love life here on Necker and we couldn't imagine living anywhere else. A few interesting things about us... Nathalie swam for Canada in the 1984 Olympics and placed fifth in the Women's 400 Individual Medley event (handy when you live on an Island!) and I've been collecting Royal Albert China since I was 16 years old!
The Family
I'll also be introducing you toother members of the team including Westie - our man of all trades, Scotty and Charlie our handsome watersports crew, Cilma, Jackie and their housekeeping teams (including the Buggies), Lucy in Guest Services, plus many more. Oh and we can't forget the island's resident canine pal Sumo, plus the 101 flamingos and Giant Tortoises! We'll, there's a whole lot more to Necker and our team are hanging on the edge of their wakeboards waiting to bring you the latest happenings on island life. Til next time! Gord-O General Manager