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Necker Island

Creating a Better Future: How Necker Island puts sustainability at its heart

“If you’re lucky enough to be in a position where you are known around the world, for one reason or another, it’s incredibly important to set a good example to others.” – Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Limited Edition's newly launched 'Creating a Better Future' video series kicks off with Necker Island and invites viewers to gain first-hand insight into the extensive and ongoing work that has transformed a small uninhabited island in the British Virgin Islands, into a luxury private retreat, now leading the way in sustainability and conservation.

This four-part series shares direct insight from the team behind the scenes into the many ways in which Necker Island is continuing its commitment to creating a truly unique, wholly sustainable conservation haven for animals and people alike.

Starting the series on 18th October is Sir Richard Branson, who shares the vision for the place he calls home while the team delves deeper into three areas in which their efforts are driving change both on island and within the wider Caribbean community focussing on renewable energy, reducing food miles and wildlife conservation.

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Renewable Energy
For Head of Engineering, Goghul, it is Sir Richard Branson's vision to make the island fully sustainable that motivates him and his team. Discover how the installation of a solar farm with over 1,230 panels combined with the use of three giant wind turbines, supports the mission to have Necker Island run on 100% renewable energy.

Reducing Food Miles
Passionate about driving change both inside and outside of the kitchen, join the culinary team as they challenge themselves to always think creatively. From supporting the local economy to working with local fishermen and farmers to ensure ingredients are sourced from the local area and neighbouring islands with the Caribbean, reducing food miles along the way.

Wildlife Conservation
For Wildlife Conservation Manager, Vaman, Necker Island may be a tiny island but one that is mighty when it comes to biodiversity. Learn how the island provides a sanctuary for over 140 species of animals - 70% of which are facing extinction around the world. Tune in to see how his team looks after giant tortoises, lizards and flamingos, and how other endangered species such as rare Madagascan lemurs keep them on their toes.

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