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Necker Island

Bye bye Necker from Nathalie & Gordon

I'll admit we regret one thing we did not take enough pictures to record our amazing 4 and a half years on Necker. Instead we took it all in our minds with hopes that we will remember it all. We have a couple of more weeks to go and so I will turn myself into a photographer to make sure I record, every gorgeous vista , every romantic corner, every simply amazing view, every sexy fast speed boat, and most of all every member of our amazing family our dedicated group of 65 fabulous co-workers.

We also need to sail around the island one more time, snorkel every coral head, go visit the giant spotted eagle ray that lives near Bali Cliff and lets not forget to take Anthony (our son) to swim in every beautiful swimming pool.

People ask us all the time and I really mean all the time!

What is it like to live on Necker?

Have you met wonderful people? This answer to this is Yes of course!

Have you met Celebrities? Yep indeed we have!

Are you going to tell me about it? NO - absolutely not! Sorry!

People of course ask us about Richard and Joan? What are they like?

Our standard answer is: Fabulous in every way and I mean it every time!

Necker is simply the most surprising, unpredictable, challenging and never dull island one could ever work on /or run. It's been an amazing ride for both of us as well as for both of our kids.

Ali left the island two years ago to go to boarding school and is now attending university and our Little Anthony (nick named Christopher Columbus by the local population) still travels the Seven Seas in order to get to school. He's got the coolest school bus experience of any kid I have ever known.

What did we learn? Many many things too long to list on this blog but here are a couple:

Flamingos are magical creatures to us all but mostly to Richard.

Tortoises are funny and loveable to us all but mostly to Joan.

And last but not least...

Gordo and I now know how to throw a really really really good party!

Thanks for the memories. We are going to rest now!

(P.S -We don't leave Necker Island until the end of October)

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