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Necker Island: Be Our Guest!

Besides the white sandy beaches, delicious food and cheeky lemurs, the most celebrated part of a stay on Necker Island is our brilliant staff. Guest feedback is often brimming with compliments about staff enthusiasm and how their love for their work spills across into the day-to-day running of the island. Here is a little snapshot of our favourite guest feedback:

"Exceptional people, Richard must be very proud."

"The entire stay and the staff were beyond anything I could imagine."

"You are wonderful; smiling, happy, helpful and lots of fun."

"The staff have the most amazing attitudes, so friendly and nice. They go above and beyond at every opportunity."

"Every single person is absolutely amazing."

Some of the key individuals that help Necker run so seamlessly are out Guest Services Coordinators. In-between getting the island ready for a new set of guests, we caught up with Megan (Megs), David and Olivia (Liv) who gave us the low-down about their jobs and what goes on behind-the-scenes on a luxury Caribbean island.


How long have you worked on Necker Island?

Megs: Since January 2015.

Liv: 8 months.

David: A year.

How did you get your job?

Megs: My partner at the time was a watersports instructor and he was called and asked to help out on Necker over the Christmas and New Year's Eve period. My Christmas present from him was to be flown out and join him for the holidays and I managed to nab a job whilst here. I was told by our deputy manager to go home, pack my suitcases and return for duty!

Liv: I used to fly for Virgin and last June I did the Detroit inaugural flight where I met Richard and his PA Helen Clarke. I starting chatting to Helen and was fascinated as to how she lived on island and how she did her weekly food shop! Helen mentioned that they were looking for someone to join the guest services team so I applied for the role as soon as I return home from the trip.

David: I was headhunted because they were looking for someone who was tall, dark and handsome and could speak French, Japanese, German and Swedish... I just happened to fit the bill. Only joking, it's really boring - I used to work at The Lodge in Verbier and applied when the position became available.

guest services team

What is your favourite aspect of your job?

Megs: You never know what day you're walking into; every day is completely varied. It is unbelievably fun and I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most incredible icons of our generation.

Liv: Working with my best friends and meeting the most interesting people in a great environment.

David: Being able to initiate craziness for the guests and making sure they have an amazing night, helping them create amazing memories!

Bali Beach Dining

Describe your team on Necker in three words?

Megs: Wild / genuine / dedicated

Liv: Naughty / fun / family

David: Outrageous / crazy / incredible

What's it like getting to work (and play) with Richard?

Megs: I still can't believe that we get to hang out with Richard! I love that I get to chat with him in the morning, at the tennis courts, over a cup of tea.

David: Beating Richard at tennis is a bad idea...

Beach Pavilion Tennis

What is the best piece of advice Richard or another individual has ever given you?

Megs: Liv and I had a conversation with Richard one evening and he explained to us that in life you should always jump in at the deep end, learn to swim and go head first into every opportunity.

David: If someone offers you a great opportunity and you're not sure you can do it - say yes then learn how to do it. Also, to never beat Richard at tennis again.

Tell us something surprising or unexpected that people may not realise about living on Necker?

Liv: That you have to order your food every Sunday and it arrives on a Wednesday - still blows my mind!

David: That even here we have traffic jams, our 7 giant tortoises are a bit slow on the roads...

Giant Tortoise on the beach

Megan, what's your favourite theme?

My favourite theme is our flamingo night which we recently had for Richard's birthday. We had hats, feathers, masks and the pièce de résistance seeing Richard dressed up as a flamingo!

We also are able to transform the Beach Pavilion into a Moroccan den which is an awesome place to chill and chat to others which encapsulates everything that Necker is all about

David, how does this compare to The Lodge?

Very sweaty! Guests believe we are the luckiest people in the world living on this island, and we are. You can feel the guests instantly feel free from the normal stresses of the world when they arrive.

Liv, how does it compare to being an Air Hostess?

Totally different - living in one place took a bit of adjusting to but I'll get over it, I live in paradise after all.

guest services team

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