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Necker Island

An insider's view to life on Necker

Hi all,

I'd like to introduce myself; I'm Charlotte - the press officer here at Virgin Limited Edition, based in London. However, a few weeks back I was sent to Necker Island to help oversee a fashion shoot with Victoria Secret, so I thought it would be a nice idea to tell you how my trip went!

After a somewhat long flight between the Caribbean islands, (the captain decided it would be fun to do a few extra unscheduled stops along the way!), I landed in Tortola just after 11pm local time. Having been up since 6am UK time and travelling for the best part of 24 hours I was not feeling or looking my best, and to be honest a little grumpy. However, my mood quickly changed as I was met at the airport and whisked away on a speed boat headed for Necker! On the short boat ride over I took in the most beautiful sight of the BVI's dimly lit simply by the moon; definitely a picture postcard moment - and I'd not even reached Necker yet.

Now where do I start with explaining how beautiful Necker is.. hmmmm. Well I can start by saying it quite simply takes your breath away. There are stunning views of the ocean from literally every angle of the island, there are so many different areas to explore on island and with white sand and clear turquoise water, it's just how you imagine a paradise island to be.

Even for the sun worshippers out there, you can't go to an island like Necker and simply sunbathe and not take advantage of all the activities on offer. There are so many to choose from and although I didn't have time to participate in any of them. I did get to watch the entire Victoria Secret crew go out on the hobie cats with Richard for a race around the island (very amusing) and watch some of the very talented watersport's team kite-surfing. I can't think of anywhere better to take up a watersport you've always dreamed of learning.

To give you a little insight into my normal commute it will highlight just how different it is from the one I had on Necker. A working day in London consists of getting up mega early, followed by a mixture of driving to a parking spot near the station, walking to the station, catching the train, then the tube and then walking to the office. All in all an hour and a half each way. Now my commute to work on Necker was very much different. This consisted of still getting up at a silly hour but with the major difference of having the sun already shining brightly followed by a brisk 15 minute walk up to the Great House, passing friendly staff members waving and smiling as I walked past to the resident flamingos, massive tortoises, and the odd little snake along the way... not your average commute, but one I prefer!

The first thing I had to get used to was the geckos on the island, they seem to be everywhere including my staff village room! My first proper encounter with them was on my first evening when I opened my bedroom door trying to locate where the light was and immediately stood on one, I screamed and he scarpered! After that I spent many a night with them scurrying around my room and sharing a shower with me, I decided to nickname them, Gary, Gordon and Giles respectively!

Anyway, asides from the odd gecko in my room I had such a wonderful time getting to explore the island and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by the most lovely staff during my stay, all falling over themselves to help me and make my stay on island enjoyable and remember I was staff!

Although my days were spent working and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't have preferred to have been there for pleasure(!) I was still able to be blown away by how truly stunning Necker Island is and hope that one day I will get to go back and treat my family and friends to a memorable holiday there...

Take Care


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