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Necker Island

Necker Island: A Happy Family

Richard Branson designed Necker Island to be his family's holiday home and his own children spent almost all of their school holidays here when they were younger. So it's no surprise that Necker Island is child friendly. When we have younger guests in our midst, we want to make sure they are having just as much fun as the adults, and it helps that we have a few big kids who run our Necker Kids activity club!

On Necker there are plenty of things for children to do, most of which will keep children of all ages active all day long! From amazing treasure hunts to pizza making, beach Olympics, tennis lessons and a session on the water trampoline, to name but a few, we're bound to have the perfect activity for any of our younger guests.

Two boys getting ready for watersports on Necker Island children flying kites on Necker Island

One of our most unique experiences is lemur feeding, these furry little critters love to have a cuddle on your shoulder and are friendly enough to eat fruit from your hand. Your kids could also spend the day splashing around with inflatable toys in the Beach Pool before enjoying a pirate party on the sand.

a child feeding lemurs on Necker Two children rowing in the Necker Island swimming pool

Kids activities begin in the mornings, after breakfast, and then again after lunch for the afternoon . Activities are available for all ages, but children under five must be accompanied by an adult.

A young boy cuddling a tortoise on Necker Island A young boy pointing at the flamingos on Necker Island

So from the sea to the sand, Necker Kids club is sure to excite and entertain, whilst giving the grown-ups that much needed time to relax (or be big kids too)!

A young boy relaxing on a sun lounger on Necker Island

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