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Necker Belle

The Sail Trials

After any build or refit, the yacht undertakes a series of motor and sail trials in commissioning.

Necker Belle recently undertook her sail trials and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

The process is a very busy affair, as every contractor responsible for his (no her) department was on the yacht to see their work put to the test.

Setting sail..

For example, we had the guys from Southern Spas on board to see how the mast performed, the guys from Cervina to see how the generators and monitoring systems performed and we had the fit out guys watching the cabinetry to make sure all was spot on.

So as you'd imagine, it was a little crazy! All in all, we had 27 guys on board monitoring various aspects of the yacht.

All systems were tested and most passed with flying colours. One notable exception was 'big red' our 690 metre squared Spinnaker, which failed in spectacular fashion when one of the mast head fittings broke under the load, throwing the giant sail into the water.

Thankfully this was a minor design fault that has been since addressed.

Short of this issue, we were all really impressed with how well she sailed! I just can't wait to get her out on the water for longer than these few days!

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