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Necker Belle

The Mast!

Hello there,

Well we've got another huge week under our belts!

More milestones, more ticks on our job list, which is really satisfying.

This week we dressed the mast, which means we now have a mast ready to be put on the yacht.

Let me just say that anything involving this mast is a huge process.

To give you perspective, it's 38 metres long, 2.5 tonne in weight and around a metre in diameter - it's huge!

As it was manufactured in New Zealand, it had to be shipped to Sydney and then put on an extra long truck to get it up here.

As it was such a long cargo, the truck could only drive to Newcastle at 3am in the morning to avoid any sort of traffic.

We had to get special permission to transport it from the Roads and Traffic Authority and the truck required an escort the whole way - it was an ordeal!

That was some time ago, so we were all excited to welcome a few of the boys over from New Zealand to dress the mast and get it ready to stand up on her own.

The 38 metre mast!

Dressing the mast means the spreaders have gone on, they are the big wings off the side. We've also attached all the standing rigging which is what will hold the mast up - quite important really!

All radars and communication systems have been set on the mast, and of course the lightning striker at the very top of the mast to diffuse the area around the yacht - Providing a circle of calm if you like!

Ok, catch you next week!

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