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Necker Belle

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The route from Australia to Necker Island is one against the prevailing weather conditions, which means that rather than sailing with the trade winds along the trade route, we're headed in the opposite direction.

In real terms what this means is we're beating into swells, rather than riding them. We're swimming upstream rather than going with the currents.

Despite this, we've been incredibly lucky with the weather. We managed to navigate our way through three nasty low pressure systems and a cyclone, and we've encountered favourable winds most of the way.

The weather in the sub tropicd consists of thundering trade winds and intermittent squalls with winds of 30 knots plus that disappear as fast as they appear.

At any one time, there may be two or three squalls on the horizon, promising a small amount of relief from the heat with a quick rain fall.

We get weather reports daily that give us to the minute weather and routing information for our current location. Things included in the report are wind strengths, direction, swell height and direction, current and atmospheric pressure, all of which is very important in helping us plan the optimal route.

Til next time from somewhere in the ocean!

Jono & Suzanne

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