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Necker Belle

Stepping the mast

Did you get a chance to check out the photos in my last blog - where she made it in the water?

She looked like she was missing something huh? Maybe a mast and boom?

Well last week a team of riggers from Southern Spas, our mast manufacturers, arrived to step the mast so we now have a yacht that looks the way she should!As with everything, the process was very involved!

Lifting the mast

To move the 2.5 tonne mast, we had a 100 tonne crane at the head of the mast and two 16 tonne cranes controlling the base. These three cranes operated in unison to move the mast from a horizontal position some 25 metres from the boat, to a vertical position, ready to be lowered down to the yacht.

Once the mast was above the yacht it was slowly lowered down - allowing the multitude of hydraulic and communication cables inside the mast to be fed through to the step and connected below deck.

After the cables were squeezed through, the mast was slowly put into place. Securing the mast in position are six stays and shrouds, that fan from the mast to various points on the boat, along with a significant locking system at the mast step.

This fastening system provides over 80 tonnes of downward pressure, which holds the mast in place.

Once the mast was set, we went through a similar process to fix the boom onto the mast.

All went without a hitch, which was a great result.

The new sails are on next; so stay tuned for details on that!

All the best


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