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Necker Belle

She's moving out!

At 6:30 this morning Necker Belle took her first step towards coming home.

She's been in the shed at Carrington Australia since March 2007 and today she finally moved out.

The moving process to get her in the water is a three-day affair involving many delicate and important procedures, quite like an Indian wedding really!

The process involves lifting her on to skates (yes really!) that would then slide her along tracks out the shed.

Then a huge tow truck slowly pulled her out into daylight for the first time in over two and a half years.

Like an unwilling parent, the front part of the shed had to be dismantled to let her out due to the 14-metre wide beam girth of the yacht.

Tomorrow she will move across onto the slip and then Saturday she will feel water on her keel again!

I'd like to say that after that we'd be off, but we've got another six weeks of mayhem commissioning of all systems we've built since we've been here.

I'll send you an update shortly on her first days back in the drink!

All the best


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