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Necker Belle

Ocean crossing's... piece of cake?!

Until you do an ocean crossing, it's really hard to imagine just what it would be like.

I imagined it would be blissfully relaxing, lying on the trampoline getting some sun whilst watching the marine life swim by. Surprisingly it's anything from relaxing! In fact the closest thing I can associate it with is what I imagine a new parent goes through.

Firstly, you're on watch every six hours, for three hours at a time, so you're only ever getting a maximum of five and a half hours sleep a night. A few nights of this and you start to realise just how much an eight-hours-sleep type of a person you are.

Every day is different but the same, you wake up to care for something precious (a new baby or a new yacht), you try to work out what you feel like for breakfast as ever since you came on board (or got pregnant), you're craving food you wouldn't normally dream of eating, and the foods you loved to eat suddenly hold no appeal at all.

I'm not sure what it is about the Ocean passages that do it, but it's definitely a curious thing. Hopefully my taste buds will go back to liking food other than potato and dry crackers!

Yet just as new parents know, it's all worth the hard work for the special moments like a brilliant sunset or a marine life encounter. Three days ago we sailed through a pod of pilot whales, numbering in their hundreds. Playing in the whales wake was a pod of dolphins in numbers almost as big.

The day after we saw a gorgeous old sea turtle cruising along with the current having a lovely time and today we've had a Boobie Bird fly with us for most of the day, as he realised the flying fish would leap out of the water to escape our hull, only to land in his beak!

Until next time,

Suzanne (writing for Jono the Captain as he's too busy!)

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