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Necker Belle

Necker Belle News: Star of the Year Finalist

As part of our series of blog post for Virgin Limited Edition Star of the Yearwe are proud to present Necker Belle's Star of the Year finalist, Thandi Sihlali, Chief Stewardess of Necker Belle

Over the last 12 month, Necker Belle has undergone a long period of refits which have not dulled her enthusiasm and she has been invaluable in her support to the team during this time of change. The vessel itself has spent more time out of service than in service the past 12 months, and Thandi is the sole survivor of the stresses and challenges presented by a yacht in the shipyard far from home.

Find out more about Thandi when we gruelled her with our quick fire questions:

Favourite pastime: Catching up with good friends
Best meal ever: Tapas
Which animal: Meerkat
Signature Karaoke: Journey 'Don't stop believing'
Favourite dunking biscuit: Dark chocolate digestives
Most magical moment: Getting proposed to this year in South Africa
Something most people don't know about me: I am a very open person, there isn't much I keep hidden
Takeaway or cooking: Cooking, my fiancee is a chef
Most like to meet: Nelson Mandela
Dream holiday destination: So many to choose from: Bali, Maldives, Chile, and Madagascar
Starter or Sweet: Sweet every time!
Night in or night out: Night in with a good glass of red wine
Grand Entrance or back door: Grand entrance
Sunbathe or swim: Swim
Most visited website: Pinterest I am addicted
First purchase on winning the lottery: Around the world ticket

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