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Necker Belle

Necker Belle Mediterranean Adventures 2010

If only my typing could keep up with the speed of the Necker Belle adventures this season in the Mediterranean! After conquering the Galapagos and Caribbean, Necker Belle has 'rocked' the Mediterranean this summer, providing a floating island of relaxation, fun and sun for many families and friends alike... Necker Belle has been lucky to welcome many fun & loving guests from all over Europe onboard this summer in the Mediterranean...June brought us new Norwegian friends, in July, we shared great times with our Belgian and German friends. August brought us new Swiss friends for a last minute booked cruise around Corsica..

We are lucky, as a crew on Necker Belle, to witness during every charter, the moments family and friends, coming from different corners of our world, are reunited and enjoy high quality times together on this floating island of of relaxation, fun, sea and sun..During such moments, the positive and happy vibrations are high, which makes it difficult, both for the crew and the guests, to say their goodbyes at the end of each! Thankfully, we are very happy that all our new friends have enjoyed their time on our sailing mermaid so much so, they have said they would be back soon...

Finally, the Belle and her crew have been lucky enough to have the Branson family onboard, during two weeks on the beautiful and tranquil island of Menorca...Their presence here coincided with the famous fiestas of Mahon, hosting an incredible show of beautiful pure breed trained horses, waltzing through a thick crowd of pomada-sipping (The famous Pomada of Menorca, a mix of Mahon Gin and fanta lemon) spectators...Necker Belle and the crew definitely enjoyed the high energy and great fun of the presence of the Branson family and are looking forward to welcoming her next and last guests of the Mediterranean season, a Swiss German family, very soon, on the 18th of September in Saint Tropez...for a cruise in the South of France.

Not only are we welcoming new guests, new languages, new customs each time, but also are we blessed with visiting many beautiful spots in the Mediterranean, new cultures, new languages...adios Espana et Bonjour La France!

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